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About The Program

Blythefield Country Club aims to provide an incredible experience and invest in families. Along with our championship golf course and fine dining; we will offer an outlet for your child to learn their craft whether it is golf, swimming, diving or tennis. Our comprehensive youth sports program provides an extraordinary experience for your family. Swim, dive and tennis practice will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Youth golf will be on Tuesdays. Please check out our youth sports packet for more details.

Youth Sports Packet 


Jason Smith: Tennis Coach

Jason Smith has worked in the West Michigan tennis community for 15 years before joining the Blythefield Country Club team.  Jason has taught all ages and ability levels from area Parks and Rec programs to East Hills/Orchard Hills tennis facilities and Egypt Valley Country Club. He has also enjoyed teaching tennis in Milan and Calabria, Italy. 

Katie Clarin: Swim Coach

The club is excited to have Katie Clarin join the team as she has spent her more recent years working in the Country Club industry. She has gained her experience in coaching starting about 16 years ago where she joined the family at Egypt Valley Country Club. Her past participation on the Michigan State Water Polo Team (where they won many awards such as the All-Big Ten, All- American and National Collegiate Championship) has opened a door for her to become the girl’s Water Polo Coach. Katie’s success in coaching has led her to be named the Michigan Water Polo Association’s Coach of the year in 2017. Currently a teacher at North Rockford Middle School, alongside of coaching, she enjoys working with kids and doing her best to help them succeed. With her expertise the Blythefield Swim team is sure to have some wins under its belt at the meets this year. 

CJ Hardy: Dive Coach

CJ Hardy has been climbing the ladder of success in the diving world for over forty years now. He has gained many titles over the years such as the Head Coach for RipFest of Michigan and a current FINA World judge. Hardy spends his days at Rockford High School coaching the Men’s Diving team while also serving on the committee for the USA Grassroots JO diving program. His coaching experience has reached heights of Division 1 University and NAIA College teams. Blythefield Country Club has landed a high quality dive coach this year and the members are excited to see how far their team will go in competition.