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Dress Code


Proper attire on our golf course, practice range and putting green is expected. Proper attire includes collared golf shirts (tucked in), turtleneck shirts, mock turtleneck shirts for males (for ladies, shirts without collars are permissible but must have sleeves), sweaters, jackets, slacks, golf skirts, golf shorts which are similar in style to walking or Bermuda shorts of an appropriate and tasteful length (shorts and skirts shall be no shorter than to the tips of your fingertips as they hang by your sides), and suitable golf footwear.

All golf shoes shall have non-penetrating spikes. Some clothing not permitted on the golf course, practice range, and putting green include tee shirts, undershirts, athletic/sweatshirts, sweat suits, cutoffs, running shorts, short shorts, tennis attire, swimming attire, halter tops, tank tops, crop tops (no bare midriffs) and jean or denim material of any color


The clubhouse dress code follows that of the golf course requiring the aforementioned acceptable golf attire. No athletic clothing other than proper golf course attire. This includes sweatpants, t-shirts and hoodies. Non-collared tee shirts are not permitted at any time. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. The Clubhouse permits “country club denim” which excludes denim with rips, frays and holes. Denim must also be worn around the waist. Hats are discouraged during evening dining and should never be worn backwards.

Note:It is encouraged to take cell phone use outside.

Swim & Tennis

Proper tennis attire is required on the tennis course and is restricted to the tennis courts, golf building and the locker rooms. Proper swimming attire is required at the swimming complex and is restricted to this area. Swim attire is not permitted on the golf course, in the Clubhouse. Denim is allowed at the pool.

  • From I-96 Muskegon
  • From I-96 Lansing

From I-96 Muskegon, exit 131 North-Cadillac, follow the directions below:

  • From US 131, exit West River Drive, which is approximately one mile north of the I-96/131 interchange.
  • Turn left and travel east on West River Drive, approximately seven miles to Northland Drive, a major stoplight.
  • Turn left, or north onto Northland Drive, and drive into left turn lane as soon as possible after median ends, approximately 500 feet
  • Turn left into the Blythefield Country Club entrance.

From I-96 Lansing, exit East Beltline, turn right (north), and follow the directions below:

  • From the East Beltline, continue north, over the river, and through the stoplight at West River Drive.
  • Continue halfway up a hill, drive into the left turn lane as soon as possible after median ends.
  • Turn left into the Blythefield Country Club entrance.